​​Hyper-reality paintings from Jenny Morgan​

A new generation of painters experimenting with and excelling ​at photo-realism

Part of a new generation of painters who have​ ​experimented and excelled​ ​at photo-realism and hyper-realism, Jenny Morgan paints her muses in a photo-like style, but injects​ ​each piece​ ​with a​ ​surreal edge,​ ​painting​ ​figurative​ ​nudes​ ​in​ ​simple but alluring​ ​poses and using considered colour pallets that contrast with everyday reality.

With a masterful​-​like​ ​command of linear perspective,​ ​Morgan expertly​ ​use​​s​ ​the interplay of​ colour,​ light and shadow to create paintings that look alive​ and that follow you​ about the room​​, ​watching you through these portholes for eyes, as though from another universe​.​


With her first solo exhibition in London at BEERS gallery (25 March - 23 April 2016) and a steady and strong online presence​, ​it would be easy to see and appreciate ​Morgan's style in both virtual and physical forms - and become obsessed by it.


Check out her website here.