Abstract Visuals Using A Robotic Controlled Flexible Lens

The latest work from ::vtol::

Russian artist Dmitry Morozov is always creating alluring installations as part of his ::vtol::  project. He works heavily with sound and light, and is a self confessed creator of “strange-sounding mechanisms”. ‘Red’ is his latest work, described as an Optic-sound electronic object and it produces abstract visuals using a robotic controlled flexible lens. Morozov provides more context:


“In 2015 I had a chance to work with the legacy of the famous Prometheus Special Design Bureau in Kazan. The collaboration resulted in gradual reconstruction of one of their earlier installations, titled "The Crystal". While working on it, I learned a lot about the projects, research and books by the renowned design bureau. The incredible inspiration from visiting and seeing the objects in laboratory has soon turned into the desire to create an object which unites the concepts and ideas of light-sound objects from 60-80s with contemporary technical solutions and materials. Graphic quality, profoundness and the immediate impact of light and color, together with certain archaism of the method, - in my view, these represent rather powerful and interesting alternative to the projection video, if we consider the junction of sound-color-light-graphic. As a result of this media-archeological research there appeared a small optic-light object which for me is rather a pen test anticipating the new direction of interest, intended to build my own personal line of continuity of generations.”



“The object works autonomously, by algorithm with many accidental events tied to feedback, with sensors defining the position of various mechanical elements in relation to the range of their movement. The sound part has up to 4 voices which depend on the activity of various elements. The sound is also in direct interaction with actual position of those elements, and basically is voicing the process of movement, brightness of light, and intensity of the piece.”



- 3 servo motors

- DC motor

- stepper motor

- 2 channel sound system

- arduino

- raspberry pi 2



- pure data

- python scripts


Check out the artist's website for more info here