Anna Pinkas: Screen Portraits

A series of videos that focus on the interactions we have with smartphones

We spend more time on our smartphones than laptops or any other technological device (according to a recent study in the UK via Ofcom and in the US via Nielsen). A familiar sight to all city dwellers using public transport is seeing everybody's head down on their phone for most, if not all of the journey (signal permitting).


This inspired Anna Pinkas to create “Screen Portraits”, a series of 30 second looped videos that focus on that interaction that passengers have with their phone. Specifically the gestural movements that our hands make, the elegant/strange/absurd hand "choreographies”. The video above is a sample of the video series and in her own words, Pinkas explains;


This is a sample of “Screen Portraits” – a series of 10 short (~30sec.) looping videos. Each video in the series was shot on the New York City subway and captures a passenger’s interaction with his/her phone. The video has been edited frame-by-frame to call attention to the elegant/strange/absurd hand "choreographies” that our constant use of handheld screens has engendered. - Anna Pinkas