Division By Zero: The Autonomous, Zero Gravity Sound Object

Artistic experiments with magnetism

:vtol: is a project of Dmitry Morozov, the Moscow based media-artist, musician and engineer of strange-sounding mechanisms.


His installation, Division By Zero, demonstrates one of Morozov's more recent experiments. Using the power of magnetism, Morozov has created a levitating speaker - a sound art installation that plays generated glitch noises as it hovers in mid air.


Morozov's magnetic experiments bring to mind illusions by magicians like David Copperfield, in particular his 'Levitation' piece. Of course, that piece was not achieved with magnets, but with the much more cumbersome 1mm width, super strength wires, all manoeuvred by a computer-controlled rig.


Magnets are no new thing, but their invisible powers might help them to become a more magical thing of the future.


The piece is made up of the following components:

- a magnetic levitation coil/magnet system

- a bluetooth sound receiver

- a 2 channel micro sound system

- pure data for glitch sounds