An uncanny concept that uses sculpture and video to inject virtual life into inanimate sculptures of ancient times

We're currently saturated with new ideas around project mapping. Artists and creators everywhere seem to be experimenting its potential to immerse audiences and create entirely new experiences in art.


A recent stand-out project from within the field comes from BK Digital Art Company, who've experimented with antique art and sculpture to bring virtual reality to ancient pieces within museum spaces. 


Having worked on project mapping for theatre and performance events, the team moved into this field at first with their Golem x Apollo project, and now with the advanced projects Golem x MBA.


GOLEM is a concept that uses sculpture and video to create an uncanny feeling.

The team were invited by The Mirage Festival to bring three of their sculptures to life.

More info & pics on: behance.net/gallery/27036259/GOLEM-x-MBA
you can also see Golem x apollo at 

BK / Digital art company : bk-france.com
Mirage Festival: miragefestival.com