Graffiti Art Reaches New Heights

Graffiti artist Katsu took to the skies above Manhattan, with a specially outfitted drone ready to de-face one of the largest billboards in NYC

Katsu, a prolific artist and hacker, took his graffiti to a new level last month.


Where he had previously used his spray-painting drones during an art exhibition, this time he used what is likely a DJI Phantom model drone to spray over one of the largest billboards in NYC. The act, though aestheticlly not that interesting, is being recognised as the first time a drone has been used to attempt an act of grafitti at previously unreachable points.


In the short video of the act above, you can see the drone in front of the massive Calvin Klein billboard. Once the drone is in position Katsu lets rip with the spray paint, debasing the ad and the face of model Kendall Jenner. In an interview with Wired, Katsu explained that the situation was “a bit tense”.


While this is the first known instance of a drone being used for the purposes of grafitti, it’s not the first time a drone has been used unlawfully. In fact - as one spectator pointed out, prisoners have received drug shipments from drones, which easily flew over fences and walls.


Images sourced - Billboard at WIRED and KATSU drone paintings at SVC THE HOLE NYC