Opening: Art Exhibitions And Events From Across The Globe - April 2015

Our pick of recent and upcoming exhibitions


FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) - 5 Mar – 17 May 2015

Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital

Originating from FACT’s extensive work within mental health and wellbeing, the exhibition explores the complex relationship between technology, society, and mental health.



ICA - 22 April – 21 June 2015

Looks is a group exhibition, including Juliette Bonneviot, Andrea Crespo, Morag Keil, Wu Tsang and Stewart Uoo, that explores the ways in which mass digital culture informs how identity is constructed, performed and challenged.



52 Andrews Road - 23 April – 6 May 2015 - appointment only

Sarah Abu Abdallah / get london look -

Swinging between cinema, video art, experimental documentaries and performances, Sarah Abu Abdallah establishes with the viewer a dialectic project, a critic vision that proceeds for attempts and fragments.



The Vinyl Factory - 23 April – 31 May 2015 (Tues – Sun)

Ryoji Ikeda -

The Vinyl Factory presents the UK premiere of a new work by international artist-composer Ryoji Ikeda that explores music and visual art through mathematics and physics.



Watermans Arts Centre - 31 March - 31 May 2015

Brown & Son - Art That Makes Itself (and symposium) -

Father and son Paul Brown and Daniel Brown work with computers as their primary medium for making art.  They have a shared interest in manipulating media to create beautifully evolving artificial life-forms.  Watermans Arts Centre in Brentford, West London will be the venue for their first ever joint exhibition.




Venice Biennial - 9 May - 22 Nov 2015

56th International Art Exhibition: All the World’s

“The world before us today exhibits deep divisions and wounds, pronounced inequalities and uncertainties as to the future. Despite the great progress made in knowledge and technology, we are currently negotiating an ‘age of anxiety’. And once more, the Biennale observes the relationship between art and the development of the human, social, and political world, as external forces and phenomena loom large over it…” - labiennal



The Art Place - 23 April – 23 May 2015


Polish photo artist Marek Saenderski creates unique artistic 3D-compositions. Now, the technical progress of printing allows him to show his photographic work in large format.


Among the 40 works shown in the exhibition are unique surrealistic 3D-compositions next to motives which are inspired by the landscapes of Greenland, Iceland, Poland, Germany, Croatia and Egypt.





Sean Kelly Gallery - 21 March - 2 May 2015

Mariko Mori: Cyclicscape 

Cyclicscape will present ten new sculptures exploring Mori’s interest in Möbius forms and the endless universe of new physics theory. This theory posits that the universe did not begin from one singular “Big Bang” but that our cosmos is filled with continuously repeating cycles of evolution, including possible parallel universes and an ever-expanding formation of new galaxies and planets.


Futuristic and ethereal, the large-scale aluminum and stainless steel works seem to transcend their physical matter. With no beginning, middle, or end, the forms symbolize an eternal cycle of existence — of nature and the universe in perpetual motion.


Inspired by nature’s invisible energy, the eight computer-generated photo-paintings in the exhibition are based on drawings Mori made in front of the ocean on Okinawa Island. Focused on a microscopic cosmos we can only imagine, Mori’s swirling particles and rotating atoms seem to radiate a phenomenal light and electricity. From the primal particle to the multiverse, Cyclicscape deepens Mori’s ongoing investigation into the interconnectedness of all things and a belief in a fundamental symbiosis between art and technology.



National Gallery of Australia - 13 Dec – 8 Jun 2015

James Turrell: A

A retrospective explores the artist’s work over almost 50 years, bringing together Projection pieces, built spaces, holograms, drawings, prints and photographs. It celebrates Skyspaces, viewing chambers that affect our perception of the sky, and surveys Turrell’s life work, Roden Crater, a naked eye observatory in an extinct volcano on the edge of the Painted Desert, Arizona.