Polygon Future: Artificial Killing Machine

A data installation presenting information on drone strikes through the use of toy gunshots and deaths printed on receipt paper

Artificial Killing Machine is an autonomous interactive mechanical installation. This chilling time-based work accesses a public database on U.S. military drone strikes. When a drone strike occurs the machine activates and fires a children’s toy cap gun for every death that results. The raw information used by the installation is then printed. The materialised data is allowed to accumulate in perpetuity or until the life cycle of either the database or machine ends. A single chair is placed beneath the installation inviting the viewers to sit in the chair and experience the imagined existential risk.

Installation Team
Jonathan Fletcher Moore  (theory, design, electronics, mechanics, assemblage)
Fabio Piparo  (programming, data logistics) 

Special thanks: Josh Begley for his dronestre.am API.

Additional support from Roni Levi, Katherine Loi, Jay Yao, Alex GarciaKurt Kaminski, and Glen Laiso.