There’s a new Robert Crumb exhibition: Art and Beauty

If you've not heard of him, watch this documentary

Robert Crumb has been on my radar for some time, since I watched the brilliant documentary made about him and his equally interesting and bizarre family. Directed by Terry Zwigoff in 1994, the film covers his life from an incredibly geeky and scrawny teen - drawing comics with his brothers - to an incredibly geeky and scrawny (and famous) adult - drawing characters such as Fritz the Cat and Mr Natural. His brothers Charles and Maxon do not fare as well in life. I won't reveal what happens but Robert is the only Crumb brother who succeeds in becoming a recognised artist, yet it is clear the other Crumb brothers have talent too. The film also features work from other comic artists, including Aline Kominsky who Robert married.


Whilst not shying away from the controversy of Crumb's work, the film lets us look into a very unique, dark and personal world. It also features a wonderful ragtime blues soundtrack as Crumb is an avid music collector. Art, Beauty AND Music then, what more could you ask?


Robert Crumb - Art and Beauty at the David Zwirner Gallery

Mayfair, London, April 15 - June 2, 2016