Transcranial: Brain Glitch

Tech/Dance Performance by Klaus Obermaier, Kyle McDonald and Daito Manabe - deconstructing the visible body

In this trick-of-light performance piece, artists were inspired by the use of electromagnetic pulses, which can create glitches in our brain activity by altering neuronal currents.


Such glitches may cause temporary failures that can be represented by disassembling the body as if it would be malfunctioning or out of control - as we can see from the filmed recordings of the performance.



A mind expression through body, and body expression through mind. Transcranial explores these expressions of mind and body in an interactive performance where technology and human being play the embodied mind.


Transcranial is an ambitious, collaborative performance project by Klaus Obermaier, Kyle McDonald and Daito Manabe, and co-produced by several festivals and organisations in Europe, including Resonate, STRP, CAN Labs and KIKK. Preview performances took place at Resonate 2014, STRP 2015 and Resonate 2015. 


Dance/Performance: Tegest Pecht-Guido and Ischa Havens 
Curator: Filip Visnjic
Project Coordinator: Eduard Prats-Molner


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