Yang Yongliang: The Night of Perpetual Day

Yang Yongliang's newest moving image fantasy landscapes

Yang Yongliang was born in Shanghai in 1980. From an early age he was taught Chinese traditional painting, calligraphy and various art forms by Yang Yang, a professor at Hong Kong Chinese University.


He attended Shanghai Fine Art Institute, in the decoration and design department. Then in 2004 he set up his own studio with friends and took the role of Art Director.


Yongliang started to experiment and create contemporary art, in the forms of modern ink painting, photography and video art, inspired by traditional methods of painting. In 2014, he merged traditional and contemporary techniques to further develop his unique style of intricate fictional worlds.


His recent video piece The Night of Perpetual Day ( HD Video ) 4 Channel 8’30’’ is part of a wider ongoing series that alongside his photography, paintings and installations, creates an impressive portfolio to date.


In an interview for the Creators Project, from 2012, he spoke about methods used to transform still images into moving ones, which he describes as "an extension of his photography work":


"They stem from a similar concept and creative perspective, but I use slightly different software. I begin by creating a still image with many layers in Photoshop. Then I import this layered image into post-production software and replace the detailed layers with live video footage. In addition, I also used some 3D softwares to make special effects.


Both [mediums] are the same to me except for the added dimension of time. This dimension makes the artwork more expansive and interesting". - Creators Project Blog


In the same interview Yongliang speaks of the possibility of exploring and expanding into feature film, an interesting prospect for the future.


All images sourced via Yang Yongliang's website.