Abandoned Inner City Dogs Fight Back In Cannes Festival Winner 'White God'

Directed by Kornel Mundruczo

Dog films are normally light hearted affairs; Homeward Bound, Beethoven and Old Yeller. This thrilling horror, White God, has bucked that trend with an army of dogs that fight back against humanity. Directed by Hungarian filmmaker Kornel Mundruczo, White God has received praise across the board and won the Cannes Un Certain Regard.


The film begins with a young girl is separated from Hagen, her loyal canine. With plenty of other abandoned dogs in the city, Hagen soon rallys a troop of mutts to rampage through the city as he tries to finds his way back home - and, although White God is far removed from Homeward Bound, the moving story, combined with sophisticated post production FX, put forward an elegant metaphor for inequality, abuse and oppression, as the many band together for jusice, in unity and collective strength.