Anomalisa: Charlie Kaufman's First Fully Animated Film

Described as 'the most human film of 2015' yet not one real human face in it.

Anomalisa is the first fully animated film directed by Charlie Kaufman. Kaufman's previous body of work is pretty flawless, from Being John MalkovichAdaptation to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, he is known to write very complex and engaging characters, achingly real precisely because of all their flaws. Anomalisa continues this, but using a very modern animated technique called replacement animation, (3D printers make the parts and they remove and replace them as they go along) Kaufman has created a film that has been described as 'the most human film of the year' with not one real human face in it. The two protagonists Michael and Lisa are both lonely, confused and searching for love- like many people out there they are finding the 'real' world a difficult place. Although Anomalisa is not exactly uplifting, it is beautifully made and has a tenderness about it that does indeed flesh out the cast and draws you in - quietly and assuredly it makes you appreciate the realness of those around you.  


Directed by Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson (2015)