Artist Profile Video: Plaid & Felix's Machines

We filmed a live performance and spoke to them about their collaboration

In August 2014 a few of us at DINA were invited to Workshop Infiné, a small festival that brings exciting musicians, artists and technology enthusiasts to an idyllic part of France to collaborate on exciting new works. All of this happens over a one week period with a final performance at the weekend, where everybody showcases the results of their collaborative efforts. As observers DINA had the pleasure of witnessing Plaid and Felix's Machines' unique performance that featured their orchestra of DIY and playful inventions, which Felix Thorn designed and built himself.


These playful, almost Wallace and Grommit-esque inventions are equipped with alternating coloured L.E.D's that animate the scene as each machine hits a note, making the whole performance as visually interesting as it sounds. Plaid and Felix's Machines were kind enough to let us interview and film them that weekend, to document their processes and their final performance. We're now pleased to present the results as part of the DINA - Artist Profile video series. Enjoy.


Warp Records mainstays, Plaid, have been making electronic music for over twenty years. You can listen to their rich discography here if you're unfamiliar with their work. The duo are receptive to exploring new ways of creating and performing music, this has resulted in collaborations with the likes of Felix's Machines, and Bruno Zamborlin - inventor of Mogees


Plaid & Felix's Machines will be performing together at the Tate in London on  25th July. More details here.


Filmed by Tom Colvile & Nathan Gibson
Edited by Abdullah Al-wali
Colour Grading by Havaard Helle
Audio mix by Rick Blything
Art Direction by DINA Magazine