This Book Is A Camera

A pop-up book that becomes a working pinhole camera

Since we’re well acquainted with having a HD digital camera in our pockets, the thought of using an analogue camera, let alone a pinhole camera, seems old fashioned. Especially when you factor in their bulky inconvenience. But there’s still enjoyment to be had and a science to be learned from original processes in photomaking, and This Book Is A Camera provides an all-in-one solution to experimenting with DIY pinhole camera work. The other bonus is that it can actually snugly fold away upon closing the book, so it’s not that much of an inconvenience afterall.


There’s something endearing about the original hands-on methods and the processes behind taking a picture. Probably even more so for younger Digital Native kids that are less likely to have ever used an analogue camera, This Book Is A Camera provides “a satisfying demonstration of the connection between design and science / structures and functions”.


Find out more on Kelli Anderson’s website.