Emory Douglas: The Art of the Black Panthers

Emory Douglas on his part in the design of the Black Panthers civil rights movement

Emory Douglas was the Revolutionary Artist and Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party. In this short film he gives a charismatic and brief summary of his role and of the role of his art in the rise of the party.


He says, "Today the actual organisation doesn't exist, but it left a blueprint for people to be inspired by."


Through archival footage and conversations with Emory we share his story, alongside the rise and fall of the Panthers. He used his art as a weapon in the Black Panther Party’s struggle for civil rights.


"Art has relevancy, whether it's to exploit you or pacify you, or to enlighten you or inform you - it's a language, that's the power of it."


In light of the the current situation of police brutality in America, his art and what The Panthers fought for are still as relevant as ever.


Produced and Directed by: Dress Code (dresscodeny.com)

Producer: Tara Rose Stromberg

Cinematography: Andre Andreev

Edit + Color: Mike Cook

Music + Sound Design: You Too Can Woo

On Set Sound Record: Kevin Crawford, Anton Herbert

Production Coordinator: Rose Glaeser

Archival Film Research: Richard Kroll

Title Design: Marcin Zeglinski

Featured Artwork © Emory Douglas / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Shot on: Red Epic