Let Grandma Lo-Fi warm your heart

She started her music career aged 70, proving its never too late to chase your dreams

This is an analogue heavy documentary about Iceland's cult musician and artist Grandma Lo-Fi, who began her music career aged 70, proving its never too late to go for your dreams.


Lo-Fi sounds are what give her work its character, and Grandma Lo-Fi uses household objects to make her own sound effects. Tin foil becomes the crackling of a fire and a whisk becomes a helicopter.


Born in Denmark but settling in Iceland, Sigríður Níelsdóttir aka Grandma Lo-Fi had two months of music lessons as a child before her father couldn't afford to pay for them anymore. She didn't pick up an instrument again until she was 70, this time self taught and learning by ear rather than sheet music.


She has made 59 CDs of music, with hand drawn cover art, using her collection of made sounds and a Casio keyboard and has inspired other younger Icelandic musicians who also feature in the film.


Using Super 8 footage, collages and music alongisde beautiful stop frame animation, the three directors craft a story filled with tenderness. Like most good stories tragedy plays a part, but Grandma Lo-Fi reminds us to send love, at one point after tapping 'I LOVE YOU' in morse code, she says she has "sent the love out into the ether" - rent and watch the film to receive and feel a bit more love.


Directed by Kristín Björk KristjánsdóttirOrri JónssonIngibjörg Birgisdóttir

Rent the film on Vimeo here.