Melt Shop: A New Short Film By Andy Brown And Nathan Gibson

Filmed At Tata Steel Plant In North England

Photographers Andy Brown and Nathan Gibson have been on our radar for a while. Both have a knack for capturing striking images that appear effortless. That's simply a testament to their skill  for producing captivating photography and film.


Their recent work is the collaborative film Melt Shop, where they visited the Tata Steel plant on the outskirts of Rotherham, North England, where they captured and crafted a beautiful short film about the steel manufacturing process of today.


"It is a common belief that steel is no longer really made in South Yorkshire. The reality, though, is that more steel is made here than ever before, albeit in an industry that has evolved radically over the past few decades. Very high quality steel is now produced by mulitinational companies such as Tata Steel, which is headquartered in Mumbai. Andy Brown and Nathan Gibson visited their plant on the outskirts of Rotherham to document the process of contemporary steel making."


Check out the artists work here: Andy Brown / Nathan Gibson