Panorama: Apple's Broken Promises

New documentary reveals Apple is 'failing to protect Chinese factory workers'

The dark side to creative technology manufacturing is old news, and companies caught out have often made promises to the world about the changes they intend to make for the better, yet further breach of workers’ rights were uncovered recently, by BBC’s Panorama.


The production placed secret workers inside Apple factories in China, and their findings are disturbing. Apple claim to be transparent and ethically minded when it comes to its manufacturing process and treatment of workforce, but what’s immediately apparent is that Western Apple workers are in a much more desirable position compared to their Eastern counterparts.


The technological advance of recent years is an amazing thing that has opened up opportunities for new ways of working, sharing and inventing. But the opportunity should not be at the cost of human lives – or profit over people.


We don’t believe Apple is the only corporation that should be scrutinised and held accountable. Cheap labour and a fast turnaround ensures that they not only meet the worlds rising demand for technology devices but also pushes the profit margins into the millions, well in Apples’ case, into the billions.


More needs to be done to instead promote the recycling of technology as well as the many creative DIY projects, including things like building your own mobile phone that will allow freedom of choice and will build skills for making technology sustainable in the future.


Now might be a good time to re-consider our approach to buying technology and this grim aspect of mass consumerism.


You can watch the full Panorama documentary on the BBC iPlayer for the next 12 months, after that you’ll have to dig for another source. Let’s hope this stark reality is put to an end sooner rather than later and ethical alternatives are realised.