Tickled - Documentary

A film that is less funny ha ha and more funny weird

My friend asked if I wanted to go and see a documentary film about competitive endurance tickling, so of course I obliged; what on earth was that and why hadn't I heard of it?


Tickled, a film by David Farrier, dubbed as New Zealand's answer to Louis Theroux, starts off with a great deal of humour, but as we know all too well, tickling is not always fun.


The penny drop moment is when Farrier, who is just starting to look into the weird 'sport' he finds online, is contacted by the agency Jane O'Brian Media who make the films and told that they do not want to associate with a gay person. Given the rather homo-erotic nature of the videos, this seems strange and downright abusive and thus begins the unravelling of the dark side of this not really funny tale.


Farrier does a great job of carrying off this bizarre story and it will definitely have you wondering WTF a few times, recommended.