Watch Björk's New Ten Minute Long Film For 'Black Lake'

Shot on location in Iceland by award-winning director Andrew Thomas Huang

Not one to shy away from collaborating with artists of different disciplines, Björk regularly looks to combine experimental art and technology to propel her creative vision. This has included a sci-fi music video by Chris Cunningham for All Is Full Of Love, as well an app in 2011, which fused tracks from her Biophilia album with interactive visuals.


Earlier this year, Björk worked on a retrospective exhibition at MoMA NYC, one of the pieces she exhibited was a short film entitled Black Lake, shot in Iceland by award-winning director Andrew Thomas Huang, which is now been made available to watch online. The post-production company xRez Studio put the finishing touches to the digital terrain and landscape in the film and they've released some demonstrative videos for us to see how they did it.


In this first video, they test different techiques that combine landscape and film capture:


In their second video, they showcase more material that was developed for the fim:


xRez Studio had the great pleasure of providing digital terrain capture for Björk’s recent special venue film “Black Lake”, featured at MoMA NYC in her retrospective exhibition in spring 2015 and directed by the gifted designer and director Andrew Thomas Huang. The effort consisted of capturing several locations shot for the film, including a dark, narrow lava tube cave, a volcanic ravine, an open moss-covered plain, and various set pieces on stage. The creation of digital facsimiles of these locations allowed the post work done at Wolf + Crow to allow more flexible CG backplates, integration with Houdini effects elements, and direct use for subsequent VR pieces. Every method xRez employs was used, from carbon pole and UAV photogrammetry, laser scanning with Faro scanners, spherical gigapixel panoramas, time lapse fulldome skies, etc. - xRez Studio