Darkstar Share New Music Video For "Pin Secure"

An excellently shot, politically charged visual by Matthew Halsall

In their brand new music video for "Pin Secure", Darkstar have teamed up with director Matthew Halsall to deliver an excellently shot visual that's equal parts humorous and haunting. The video starts with a David Cameron speech - setting the political tone that runs throughout the video. References to UK politics include right wing press scapegoating of immigrants, the abuse of power from politicians and others in high positions (that office scene), and the disappointment felt by many around the recent general election results. The track is taken from the forthcoming Darkstar LP Foam Island, out September 25th on Warp.


The general election result was really devastating for me and in many ways it showed the power of the traditional right wing press. The ‘hard working’ people of Britain are tricked on a daily basis to hate asylum seekers, immigrants and ‘benefit cheats’ not tax dodging corporations or corrupt politicians. I wanted to somehow reflect the bleak, devastating reality of this in a video that could not be anything other than shocking, vile and attention grabbing.”  - Matthew Halsall (Director)