dJJ is holding British Summer hostage and won’t let it die

Watch the new music video for 'Just a lil'

As our meteorologically challenged British Summer comes to an end for another year, we all gear up as one to put the exotic playlists on pause and switch our attention to the dark mechanical soul-searching sounds that materialize in Autumn to make us feel slightly more in harmony with our grey surroundings and shitty jobs.


However, dJJ is a madman who is definitely not prepared to let that happen.


‘Just a lil’ is a sneaky summer anthem which props up a catchy vocal hook on a moog sounding bassline, topping off the thing with shimmering pads which wouldn't be out of place on an Ed Banger Records dancefloor smasher. The young producer treads a pretty smart path, choosing musical elements shrewdly and leaving them few and far between on the track rather than going ham on programming. The result is pretty damn refreshing, dJJ reaching out and handing us a Wild Berry smoothie to down and have some respite from all the cups of decaffeinated tea which other artists have been forcing us to carefully sip on.


We’re also mad fans of the vid that dropped via FACT, produced by all round Sheffield badman Elliot Holbrow, featuring some of the smiliest whippersnappers of the instrumental grime scene. It was great to see sandwich enthusiast Gage chowing down on his favourite snack, and real touching to see long-time pedalow detractor and cynic Finn realising that boats can be fun if you are with friends.


Summer is doing its best to ebb and fade away, but dJJ has a tropical fruit flavoured house anthem cannon pointed at its head which will keep it in place for the time being. Salute.