Four Tet Release New Album Under Percussions Alias

Out today on his own imprint Text Records

Since his first appearance on FabricLive 59 back in 2011, Four Tet aka Kieren Hebden has used his Percussions moniker to release rhythmic, sample-based tracks that lack the usual melodic elements you'd expect from Four Tet, instead Hebden focuses on pushing his sample-based compositions further.


Hebden unveiled a brand new Percussions album today, simply titled 2011 until 2014 and released on his own imprint Text Records.


"This album is made from all the Percussions 12" releases on Text Records and some other tracks made during the same time period from 2011 until 2014" states Hebden on Bandcamp. The albums tracks are named after the month and year in which they were created (presumably), not very original perhaps but this LP serves as a great start to the year for core Hebden fans.