Highly Contrived Fidelity: Cygnus

Dallas based producer Cygnus prescribes us Wendy Ho, Quelle Chris and George Clinton...

We’re fairly clueless here at DINA when it comes to choosing the right songs for the right moments, so we’ve taken to asking some of our favourite artists to channel their inner John Cusack in High Fidelity by taking the helm of their own record store, and recommending us the perfect soundtracks to situations we regularly find ourselves in. Here, Cygnus delves into the depths of his imagination to guide us through his solutions to our record needs.


Record store name [explain reason for name choice]: The name of the record store has to be “AirSpace”, and though everything will be fixed to the floor (record shelves and product displays, furniture) , the remainder of the floor will be trampolines. So at any given time while looking at a record someone can come up right next to you and plant their feet really hard, sending you perhaps into the next aisle. There will be a points system, personal protective helmets and pads to rent and etc. I can’t speak much more about it at this time as we are still in the planning phases. Sorry.


During a game of Monopoly I discovered that, at long last, I’ve won second prize in a beauty contest - naturally, I need a song to walk on stage to when I collect my award…

I have never played Monopoly before in my entire life. What this sounds like is a success story though, so you’re going to need some music that resounds your triumph. I can’t imagine that it’s very easy to win a beauty pageant. So, you’re going to listen to Seventh Ace Deuce by Gescom, all  footage shot of you will be in slow mo as you cross the runway. Congratulations, you did it.



While I was collecting the prize, my bike got stolen from outside the venue - what track would you prescribe for a moment such as this?

Why would you ride a bike to a beauty contest? The bottom of your dress or your nice pants are going to get all eaten up by the pedals. Why would you risk it? It’s weird. Why don’t you have a car? I’m sorry your bike got stolen. 



I’ve come to realise that original productions are for suckers - what’s a great remix that I should check out?

The best remix I am aware of is the Bandulu remix of Slowdive’s “in Mind”. Funny story: I had the mp3 on hard drives throughout my teen years, and I had absolutely no idea who made it, that it was a remix, or where it came from until very recently. Someone played it at a party and I went nuts cause I hadn’t heard it in years, and I was like, “YO. Who did this track?” They told me who it was and to this day I have not listened to the original mix.



I’m taking a flight soon, and I want the perfect song to listen to as the plane breaks through above the clouds…

If you listen to “So Long” by Seba & Lo Tek, while lifting through the clouds on an airplane, you will lift through more than just clouds…   



The purpose of that flight is to go deep-sea exploring in the Pacific - what should I listen to as I descend into the murky, mysterious depths of the ocean?

In this situation I would typically (and perhaps predictably) pick something by Drexciya, because of the deep sea association… but I don’t know, though. I think this song by Sun Ra would be perfect too. It would give the scene a bit more of a 70’s-80’s national geographic vibe, or a kind of channel 13 public access feel .. all deep sea stuff doesn’t have to be drexciyan. If you see any Octopus’  down there, make sure you look for a blue and black mother fucker named Rufus he has owed me 20 dollars for a long time now and he needs to know that I might be coming down there to get that soon. Getting real tired of his shit and would hate to have to bring the homies and squad up on a brutha



My friend’s been deaf since birth so doesn’t know what music sounds like, but is getting a cochlear implant next week - what should be the first song they hear?

This song, because I mean we have to consider that this is a man who is going to hear himself think outloud for the first time.  There are many implications to this. Do you understand the ramifications of this? The deep bass should keep him grounded in the world he is coming from, because he could definitely feel those frequencies there in that old world. But we need to blend and paint his journey into the new world with the other frequencies working with the bass, and smooth him out. We need to take care of him and make sure he is ok, that he’s not alone and we are going to relax with him. We could serve him a nice relaxing indian dish with some vegatables too, and maybe we can ask him what his favorite tv shows from childhood were so he can watch them with the sound on. He will be happy and we will be happy to bring him to happiness



My girlfriend’s run off with my car, and gone back to her ma and pa - what’ll help me through this period of heartbreak and motor loss?

I thought you didn’t have a car? Why didn’t you ride your CAR to the beauty pageant you were talking about earlier, instead of taking your bike?  What are you doing man? Getting tired of your bullshit. Anyway, heartbreak is good for you, man. It sucks, it hurts, makes you want to cry, it feels like dying but you’re just emptying out space for something else is all. Do not believe the hallucinations of physical and temporal  separation. But, yeah, I don’t know, now that I think about it, she probably is the one who stole your bike. You can’t trust that girl and you need to move on.


Here have a Quelle Chris track. My friend Tom Knapp gave me that album the last time I was down and out over a girl and it seemed to fix it, not sure how tho. I was with her for 5 years.



Good news! Turns out I’d forgotten to fill up the car’s tank and she ran out of petrol halfway down the road so has decided to come back - what record shall I drop the needle on for our conciliatory moment of bedroom intimacy?

You are a mess. What kind of drama have you gotten involved with? Well if you guys are going to be doing THAT, then you need some sexy tunes. And, I mean, if we’re being honest, what better song is there for sex than Atomic Dog by George Clinton? Why must you be like that? Why must you chase the cat? Nothing but the dog in you? Where does your responsibility lie?


Are you responsible for your inner drives, or are you merely responsible for the aftermaths of your inner drives? Are you the giver or the receiver? Do you even choose your dreams? Your thoughts?


Will you choose your next thought or idea? Can you prove to me that you chose it? Or was it already waiting there, like a hot dog on a conveyor belt, waiting to be mechanically organized, sealed and labeled and sent out into the world for consumption? Are your thoughts like that? Where are you in this sequence? Does your consciousness have traceable radiometric elements that we could perhaps follow thru into some extraterrestrial force field or mainframe? Does the notion of a soul... or of an incorporated group of essences which forms the baseline of existence necessitate the presence of individual conscious awareness, or would this baseline function merely to sustain the individual consciousness of its differentiated physical parts and zones? Are you using that computer or phone you’re looking at right now? Or are you using a human body to use the phone or computer?  Do you exist as a single person, or a range of people at any given time? Nothing but the dog in you.



I’ve heard great things about Cygnus - what’s the first track we should check out?

Definitely this track. Probably the best one I wrote in 2014.



I’ve realised I’ve used up the last of my money buying all these records - what’s a great track that I can (legally) download for free online?

Just spend 7-10 bucks on an album at my bandcamp page, man. I promise, it’s worth it - you’re supporting someone who wants to make music for you, for the rest of their life,  and do things like travel to come and play live shows for you and be a cool personable friend and entertainer.  It is worth more to you, for the same 10 dollars you’d spend on overpriced drinks at your favorite bar, to just buy my album Vox Alia, trust me, I’m a cool guy, I’m worth it.


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