Premiere: Murcof x Vanessa Wagner - Variations For The Healing Of Arinushka (Arvo Pärt)

Forthcoming on InFiné

InFiné, in its grand tradition of presenting a wide-spectrum of performers, nomadic projects, and bold collaborations is proud to deliver a new masterpiece in its discography, on the eve of its 10th Anniversary. The title of the album, Statea is a reference in old Italian to “scales” – and a nod to the perfect balance between two units of measurement.


Appearing unusual at first, this collaboration between Mexican Ambient figurehead Fernando Corona (better known as Murcof) and multi-award winning French classical pianist Vanessa Wagner surrenders a sublime logic. Both classically trained, their career paths took different trajectories, but converged toward the same enthusiasm when it comes to minimalism. The project was initiated in 2010 at InFiné´s own creative retreat – the Workshop InFiné festival in Normandoux next to Poitiers in France. Six years on from that initial meeting, and many captivating performances later, they’ve crafted a unique studio album that captures the essence of their concert.


This edit of their original interpretation of a classic Arvo Pärt piece perfectly mirrorsthe artists´ mutual search for unexplored cosmic soundscapes, while professing loyalty to the composers original writing. Statea showcases a wide-ranging conception of minimalism including compositions by Philip Glass, Ligeti, John Cage, Erik Satie or Aphex Twin. The album is set for worldwide release on September 23rd.


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