Wasiu - No Chance (prod. Dear Lola)

Canadian producer Dear Lola flips a Justin Timberlake classic to make a UK-themed grime refix

Over the past year, the musical output from Canada has shown them to be some of the most adventurous pioneers of the electronic scene, skewing the LuckyMe and LA Beats sounds to create music that is challenging enough for the most discerning thinkers of Hip Hop, whilst bursting with likeable motifs which keep it remarkably accessible. 


A couple weeks ago we were lucky enough for Dear Lola (affiliate of Timbah collaborator Thomas White and one of the serious heads at Raw Records in Canada) to pass us a glorious zip folder of fresh tunes showcasing a new musical direction. He told us it was an "experiment" and it sounded like he'd been influenced by the grime styles of Milktray, Finn and Kid D from the UK. Out of all the beats he gave us, we were blown away by his take on Justin Timberlakes' "Cry Me A River".


What we've got on our hands here is an instant classic, completely devolved from its pop roots, throwing those JT high to low vocal melodies and rhodes stabs in a playful way which makes it easy to forget the intensity of the 2002 hit. All the grime refix heads had better take note: this is the proper way to fuck with a tune. The sickly-sweet synths are enough to satisfy your ears. But then, you hear Wasiu's lazy drawl coming in over the beat and it's game over.


Wasiu should definitely be on everyone's radar right now. His flow is one of those that seems to change every 16, which, naturally, makes it a slightly challenging but rare pleasure to listen to. One minute he is laid-back and understated, then he reaches heights when he seamlessly bursts into a switched-up imitation of JT's original vocal line. Where Justin whines, Wasiu calmly lays down the law. The result is quite an honest rendition of a guy telling it to his girl when she has got it wrong, and with such on-point production, this version hits you in all the right places.


This really is a special collaboration, Dear Lola's UK-themed grime refix jam with Wasiu tying up loose ends and giving it a polished catchy hook. Something tells me that 2015 is going to be a huge year for for these guys.