Watch The Music Video for Tilla Arcé 'Know Yourself'

Co-produced by fellow Space Age members Josh Arcé and Loner Muaka

London crew Space Age member Tilla Arcé has recently released a video for his track ‘Know Yourself’. The track has been co-produced by fellow Space Age members Josh Arcé and Loner Muaka. You have probably seen the Arcé brothers featuring in Little Simz track and video ‘Guess Who’ where all of them, in addition to Space Age member Chuck20, exceedingly demonstrate their lyrical and conceptual skills.


Tilla’s approach to his solo work maintains the level set in his collaborative work. In ‘Know Yourself’ the young Londoner presents an incredibly cohesive project between lyrical and visual concept. The video, under the direction of Lewis James, features a 3D scanned portrait of Tilla. The portrait’s isolation in the video frame brings all the focus to the subject while the shifting liquid metal aesthetics evoke a sense of both strength and malleability of self. It brings focus to the journey of self exploration and deconstruction so effectively that is almost difficult to connect such powerful piece to the mind of a 17 year old.


DINA asked Tilla about what is to follow this early creative work and he warned us that he plans to keep challenging our expectations by bringing out more unorthodox and effective visual work:


“The visual epitomises me well because it's so left from what is expected. I love stimulating people's perceptions, so I think I achieved that with this visual. I want people to catch on, but I also want people to create their own stories and feelings so that it warms to them in a personal way.”


We hope that after checking this out your get as overwhelmed with excitement about Tilla’s future projects and the evolution of Space Age as much as we are.


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