Creative Use Of Holograms To Bypass Anti-Protest Laws In Spain

Developed by Hologramas Por La Libertad

Internet petitions seem like a good idea but with so many appearing on a daily basis it’s hard to gauge how impactful they actually are. It begs the question, how can they be developed further to get the decision makers to actually listen and act accordingly? Desperate times call for desperate measures and in this case we’ve witnessed a very inventive application of technology to protest.


Faced by a newly reformed Public Safety Act in Spain, which effectively banned protests in ‘sensitive’ areas, a group of activists, Holograms for Freedom (Hologramas Por La Libertad) decided to take a new approach, bypass the law entirely and still carry out the protest digitally.


First they started with an online petition where thousands of people signed up to change the Public Safety Act. Then they got these people to include a face/video/sound bite of themselves. The sound and visual recordings were then projected in places that people had been banned from protesting at, outside the Spanish Government HQ, the main squares etc. Could this be the beginning of the armchair revolution? Perhaps that's what a cynic might say but we think this could help spearhead a new era of digitised technology led protests and inspire further use of technology to amplify the impact of protesting.


In case you’re wondering if it was a success, it depends who you ask. It got tons of international press and Spain’s leading political party ended up doing badly in the recent local elections. Although it’s unlikely that the holograms alone helped achieve this result, lets hope it sparks inspiration to develop this kind of creativity even further.


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