Glitchi Is A New App For Encrypted Picture Messaging

Inspired by the celebrity hacking scandal of 2014

Glitchi is a brand new iOS social messaging app that lets users encrypt photos and messages with a custom glitch feature so it can only be seen by the receiver. You can read about the app's security architecture on their blog and it was inspired by the notorious celebrity hacks in 2014:


As we watched the celebrity hacks unfold, we realized this could happen to any one of us.

Glitchi is the only social network that gives you space to keep everything between you and your friends. No one including us, hackers and other curious eyes, is able to see your content in glitchi, because it’s only available on your device and the device of the friend that you’re sharing with. We’ve completely eliminated the passwords, because they suck in protecting you from unwanted snooping. Passwords are the easiest way for someone else to get into your account. - Glitchi


You can download the app and find out more on their website.