Hyperlax: Watch The World Go By In Hyperlapse Compilations

Uses the instagram video feed with soundcloud playlists as the soundtrack

Hyperlax is a ​Web experience by Taylor Crane. It ​combines real time ​Instagram time-​lapses with Soundcloud playlists to create audio visual montages, which are weirdly addictive.​


#hyperlapse and Hyperlax give us a voyeuristic perspective of the lives of others, with ​videos that are posted on Instagram and turned into time-lapse videos.


With Hyperlax you see the feed of videos that are posted on Instagram at the very moment you visit the site, or open the app. The videos are complimented with random electronic beats from Soundcloud Playlists. 


The live feed enables us to take an immediate look into what people around the world are up to in that moment - and it gives us a soundtrack to the most mundane of activities.


Try it out for yourself, we insist. : hyperlax.tv