JavaScreen by Tristan Bagot

Bringing the aesthetics of the online gif into the world of music and fashion promo

JavaScreen is a new digital display system that could bring the aesthetics of the online gif into the world of billboard promo. Its creator, Tristian Bagot (a talented photographer), developed the project to enhance the visual aesthetics of his fashion photography. 


He says "Art direction has a crucial role to play in the use of the various screens at our disposal. JavaScreen is a new display system using an algorithm to graphically reinterpret content thousands of times without losing its intrinsic character".


The potential is great and we've got ideas popping up for all sorts. We see this concept working particularly well in music and events promo. Each time the image is loaded it creates a unique composition depending on the photograph. Where once we saw 2d graphics promoting gigs and festivals and the like - both digital and physical - on billboards, online and on posters, we might now see something like this generative design, where dates, locations and animated images come and go and are unique every time. 


Written in JavaScript and PHP with the libraries jQuery and Two.js.


Images via Tristan Bagot.