Omote: Real-time face tracking and projection mapping

Development combines motion tracking and projection mapping onto a human face

As inventions only previously imagined in Hollywood begin to filter into our lives, one new development stands out, giving us the sense that this generation of tech experts are not just dedicated to making apps and mobile phones even slicker.


Omote is a new developement in projection technology that combines motion tracking and projection mapping allowing it to accurately portray computer graphics on a human face; making masks of the past seem somewhat obsolete. The developement of this technology was led by Japanese artist Nobumichi Asai who has a history of working with major companies, projecting onto stationary objects. The ability of the Omote to follow a person's face is groundbreaking as the system starts by scanning a map of a persons face and then projects accordingly, able to follow the person as they move.


Check out the Nobumichi Asai's website here.