Quantum Human

New software developed by ManyMany Creations saves you time on animated CGI

ManyMany Creations have developed new software that easily converts a static 3D scan of a human body into an articulate CGI model that's ready for animating, all at the click of a button. This software is destined to save you a lot of time and the video in the gallery explains how it works. Here’s the statement from the developers:


“Til now, studios and artists could spend large portion of project timeframe to setup sophisticated characters, before shot production actually commences. Quantum Human can speed up this process by literally hundreds of times, if not completely eliminate that process. Since Quantum Human operates natively in Maya while having batch command-line mode, it’s highly customizable to existing production pipelines, or build custom interactive applications. Users can choose which modules to use, instead of entering a whole new application that is often a black box.”


For more information on Quantum Human, head over to their website here, hopefully it will be available sooner rather than later as we can't wait to get our hands on it.