Rice Mapping

An installation by Drill Tokyo and Aircord using projection mapping onto a single grain of rice

3D projection mapping seems at the forefront of technology trends recently; embraced heavily by pop stars and corporate brands alike. This area is over saturated - so Drill Tokyo and Aircord went one-up - deciding to go extreme by projection mapping onto a single grain of rice.


By magnifying the 5mm grain the projection and super fine details of the artwork can be viewed in clear format.

In Japan, rice is more than a mere food source. It has spiritual significance for the Japanese due to its use as an offering to deities in rituals and ceremonies. We took on the challenge of distilling Japanese aesthetics onto this cultural symbol.


We created the world’s smallest projection mapping that brings together Japan’s ancient values and state-of-the-art technology. As it is being viewed, the texture of the “rice” begins to change so that it is no longer just rice. This reflects the ancient Japanese belief in shogyo mujo (the impermanence of worldly things), which is embodied in the saying: “all creation is infinitely transitory with forms and values changing in each moment.” - Drill Tokyo


For more information on the project, visit their website here.