Save Yourself: Code Academy

This month we recommend to aspiring coders the free interactive tutorial website, Code Academy

Save Yourself is a monthly feature on DINA, designed to inform our readers about free tutorials and open source software that encourage independent and creative application of technology. Learning to code seems like the obvious place to start.


Learning to code is a daunting prospect for the novice; it's a confusing new language to learn, the hours you need to put in are antisocial, and for some it might just feel too damn geeky.


But as coding delivers us more and more intriguing, engaging and aesthetically pleasing works, like the interactive adventure of Meet Z by Auto Italia, or the live coding parties of Algorave, then knowing the basics of code will become an integral skill to anyone that wants to engage in a popular culture that's making its home in the digital.


For a complete beginnner, plagued with insomnia one night, Code Academy became a useful online resource that tightened my grasp of the basics of HTML. But there's more to coding than HTML. Coding doesn't just mean websites and Code Academy has tons of free tutorials with step-by-step guides on CSS, Javascript, Python and more.


The interactive aspect of the tutorials make them much more intuitive for visual learners as you get to witness the result of your coding in real time. Don’t be put off by the simplicity of the websites that you’ll build in the early days, you’re learning from the root and lessons get way more advanced and interesting as you progress. 


Though we focus here on the merits of Code Academy, there's loads of free and paid ways to learn to code. Have a look around and see what's best for you or start coding now.