Turn your face into a floating CGI head

Interactive music video by invisible designs lab for KAMRA

Japanese music producer KAMRA is part of the creative audio visual company ‘invisible design labs’. For their latest work, they’ve collaborated with ‘dot by dot inc.’ to create an interactive music video for the new KAMRA song ‘De Ja Vu’.


Using a webcam or uploading an existing head shot, your face is literally peeled off the picture and placed onto an animated floating head. We don’t want to give too much else away and can’t recommend it enough. Try it out for yourself here (only works on google chrome).


Interactive Music Video “Deja vu” credits:

Artist: KAMRA (invisi dir.)

Producer: Kenjiro Matsuo (invisi dir.)

Producer: Yusuke Tominaga (dot by dot inc.)

Producer: Kenichi Seki (dot by dot inc.)

Creative Director: Kyosuke Taniguchi (dot by dot inc.)

Technical Director / Programmer: Saqoosha (dot by dot inc.)

Movie Director: Baku Hashimoto (INS Studio)

Designer: Taichi Ito (dot by dot inc.)

Programmer: Koki Ibukuro (dot by dot inc.)

System Engineer: Takanobu Izukawa (dot by dot inc.)

Assistant: Shizuho Sato (dot by dot inc.)

Cinematography: Show Matsumura

Electrician: Akihiro Someya

Model: FEMM

PR: Kotoko Koya