Watch the new trailer for SteamVR gaming

Developed by Valve for the HTC Vive

At this years SXSW festival, VR headsets were hot property on the interactive side. Samsung, one of the major sponsors, promoted their new VR headset heavily by offering attendees the opportunity to try it out for themselves via a 4D rollercoaster ride as well as an immersive sci-fi "shoot 'em up" game. With tech giants like Samsung and HTC focusing more intently on developing VR headsets and making them a more affordable consumer item, it’s simply a matter of time before they become household objects to enhance the gaming and film experience.


Valve recently shared an impressive trailer showcasing SteamVR gaming via the HTC Vive screen and additional camera, so the viewer can grasp what the user can see in their headset. Not only can you see a panoramic 360 degree environment, you're also able to walk around in it, a much more immersive experience than we’re used to.


Find out more about SteamVR here.