Zensors Turns Your Smartphone Into A DIY Sensor

You can create a live sensor feed in seconds

The Future Interfaces Group (FIG) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory within the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon UniversityZensors is a new venture by a team of their faculty and graduate students. It gives you the ability to turn your old smartphone into a sensor so you can monitor a range of variables such as whether your dogs' food bowl needs to be refilled or the number of cars that pass the front of your house. Sign up for a BETA invitation of the app and find out more on their website.


Zensors is sensing made easy. Simply ask Zensors a question about your home or business: “Does the dog bowl need to be refilled?” All you need is an unused smartphone or wifi camera, like a Dropcam. In seconds, you can create a live sensor feed. You create alerts, by email or text. Using our API, developers can build rich and responsive applications. - Zensor