16 oz. Many recipes specific a can size … In each number, the first digit is the number of whole inches, and the second two digits are the number of sixteenths of an inch. Different types of beer, wine, or malt liquor can have very different amounts of alcohol content. So, for example, a 303 by 407 can would be 3 03 ⁄₁₆ inches in diameter and 4 07 ⁄₁₆ inches high. Here's a chart to help you determine how these correspond to current can measurements.. Printer-friendly PDF copy Author: Alice Henneman, MS, RDN. Related For 16 Oz Beer Can Label Dimensions. ounces. The table below lists some common can sizes. Skip to main content. Can Sizes and Equivalents - Can Sizes by Weight and Number Many recipes specific a can size rather than a volume size. Labels are usually small in size, so you should carefully choose the font of the texts to make sure it is readable. Unlabeled aluminum cans are called “brite.” They come in a variety of sizes from 5.5 ounces to 32 ounces. This can is 2.12 inches in diameter and 4.75 inches tall. University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Standard Cans Our 12 oz format is the iconic size for many soft drink and beer brands. Can Sizes and Equivalents chart will help you when substituting in a recipe. The first number is the can's diameter and the second its height. A can of beer, for much of mainstream can history, is 12 ounces. It lays out the naming convention of the can, dimensions, capacity, and type of can, and the size of chuck required on your can sealer; Many people are surprised to learn what counts as a drink. You can also put your logo at the top or bottom corner of the label. Ball is a leading beverage can maker with production facilities around the globe. This Can Sizes and Equivalents Chart. Recipes, typically older ones call for an ingredient by can size such as a #303 or #10 can The charts include can sizes by number as well as the volume in ounces and cups. Short and compact, a 12-ounce can matches the recommended serving size of beer. Cans of this size come in a range of packs, including 6-, 12-, 15-, 18-, 24- and 30-packs. For example, many light beers have almost as much alcohol as regular beer – about 85% as much. I think my beer cans are also about 4/1000ths of an inch in thickness. Aluminum Beer Can Labels – What Size Works? Can Dimension Conversion Chart*** In order to help you understand the various sizes of cans, the following chart is a comparison of the food cans that we carry. Some favorite older recipes may call for can sizes such as a Number 2 or a Number 303 can. Although the uncertainty in that measurement might be like plus or minus 1/1000th inch. The standard size aluminum can in the U. S. is 12 fl. See attached picture. Pint cans have surged with the rise of craft beer. However, you aren't quite certain that your targeted cooler can accomodate the type of beer you want to brew. Comparing Keg Sizes & Types: Below, we present a chart that compares eight common types of kegs, including how much beer they hold, their overall size, shape, dimensions, as well as their most common uses and nicknames you may hear them referred too as. Common sizes #10 can, #303 can, #300 can and more. Read a short history of canning, and can openers. The chart below comes in really handy for calculating the size cooler you'll need to use as a mash tun. The amount of liquid in your glass, can, or bottle does not necessarily match up to how much alcohol is actually in your drink.

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