According to Mbiti’s monumental research (1970:3) on the African perception of a deity, God takes the highest possible position. Sundermeier (1990:27) views this as reciprocal dependency. Humans form religion by way of making choices and selections (Van den Heever 2001:3). ‘The religious heritage of Africa shares the same religious concerns with other religions of humankind, providing a source for man’s search for knowledge of God’ (Opoku 1993:80). #341, 8 pages. Carmody, D.L., 1981, The oldest God: Archaic religion yesterday & today, Abingdon, Nashville. West African Religion revolves around one core, unique Supreme Being; a single, distant God, who is credited with creating the world either him/herself or delegating that task to lesser divinities. There are those who now believe that there are no proper equivalents to the term ‘religion’ in other cultures (Figl 2003:73). Mbiti points out that the position God takes in African religion is not necessarily that of Redeemer (1990:96). A religion is a set of beliefs that is passionately held by a group of people that is reflected in a world view and in expected beliefs and actions (which are often ritualized). ), Religious plurality in Africa: Essays in honour of John S. Mbiti, n.p., Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin, New York. While varied African connections are readily apparent in the practices and theological perspectives of such African diaspora religious traditions as Vodou in Haiti, Santería in Cuba, and Candomblé in Brazil, for example, the precise nature of influence in the religious cultures of African Americans is often more difficult to discern. There is one reality, with no distinction between physical and spiritual. Understanding Voodoo . the connectedness of all things. Mbiti (1975:10) identifies five elements as being constitutive of all religion: beliefs, practices (ceremonies and festivals), objects and places, values and morals, and religious officials. It does not make African Traditional Religion unique, but it does make us aware that different cultural-religious groups understand religion differently. Morals and values provide security for a harmonious existence. The worship binds generations together. (2009:38) emphasise the unified community. This is contrasted against … West African Vodun is the original form of the religion; Haitian Vodou and Louisiana Voodoo are its descendants in the New World. Voodoo has no scripture or world authority. Now they can provide advice on how to travel on this journey. animals, plants, rivers, mountains etc.) "African Religions and Philosophy" is a systematic study of the attitudes of mind and belief that have evolved in the many societies of Africa. … There are basic African religious … Together with their descendants, ancestors worship God (Stinton 2004:135). Even the whole existence of the term ‘religion’ is seen as a ‘eurozentrischen’ (Eurocentric) term (Figl 2003:73). Humans have no superiority over nature or any other element. Wealth is … This further implies a monistic origin of all that exist; an equality of essence of all things. Ray (cited in Turaki 1999:69–70) states that ‘[t]he ritual sphere is the sphere par excellence where the world as lived and the world as imagined become fused together’. ‘If Africa is anything, it is various and there are million ways of being an African’ (Maluleke 2001:37). People know who they are, as well as who the people they encounter are, on the basis of the identity of the ancestors. Religion encapsulates the whole human being. From an African perspective, religion emphasises the human effort to systematise, in society, the continuation of a religious experience relevant to a specific context. As there is no threat or condition from which humanity is in need of deliverance or redemption, African Traditional Religion sees worshipping God as imploring the Provider to keep on doing so. Intermediaries are necessary. ISSN: 0259-9422 (print) Magesa, L., 2002, African religion: The moral traditions of abundant life, Orbis Books, Maryknoll. Religion can never be perceived as a separate fragment focused on a different ‘reality’. 2009:38). The term ‘rite’ refers to a form of religious expression (Sundermeier 1990:67) and to the arrangement and ordering of relationships within society (Schmidt 1980:149). Mediation: From a hierarchical position that is superior to humans, ancestors are inferior to God and act as mediators between God and humans. People belonging to an African religion do indeed have closer ties with nature, but the exploitation of nature is not excluded. In doing so, there is continuity with the past and the social structure of the extended family is maintained. The best interpreter of African Religion is the African with a disciplined mind and the requisite technical tools. Individuals frequently consult the ancestors for advice on daily decisions. These attempts have come from various perspectives, ranging from the psychological, sociological and anthropological to the philosophical and theological (Momen 1999:52–73) and, most recently, they have come from a biological perspective (Hammer 2005). Everything, no matter how profane it seems, has sacred significance. Religion is ‘the source of life and meaning’ (Opoku 1993:79). The underdeveloped religions were pejoratively referred to as primal, traditional or primitive, or even tribal, religions (Sundermeier 1999:31). The sanctity of a unified societyAs a third main characteristic of African Traditional Religion, Krüger et al. Thorpe, S.A., 1991, African Traditional Religions: An introduction, University of South Africa, Pretoria. Most importantly, the study strongly recognizes African “religious traditions in terms of broad unifying themes” that are intensely diverse at local levels and are profoundly similar when seen in regional and … The premise for this categorisation was the acceptance of the evolutionistic development of religions. Schmidt, R., 1980, Exploring religion, Wadsworth, Belmont. It is best distinguished as ATR. God is seen as absent and rarely able to assist or advise followers. Meaning in life is found this-worldly, in this reality. Humans, due to their ontological (even teleological) position in nature are obligated to take care of nature. Religion is an effort by humans to search for meaning, to understand reality and place themselves in a relationship with reality. Instead, the two go hand and hand and influence a person’s everyday behavior. Symbolism flows from the belief that there is no division between the profane and the sacred. Of course this creates a dilemma: the traditional African understanding of religion acknowledges the existence of an invisible spiritual world and simultaneously maintains that all things are united and interconnected (Thorpe 1992:112). There have been many attempts at describing African Traditional Religion according to its main characteristics. Ethics, Sundermeier (1999:27) points out, does not have its origin in humanity and must be understood as an essential element of religion. October 25, 2017 By Rebecca Davis Leave a Comment. Generally, these traditions are oral rather than scriptural and passed down from one generation to another through folk tales, songs and festivals, include belief in an amount of higher and lower gods, sometimes including a supreme creator or force, … There is no separation between spheres of reality. Children consider parents and grandparents as direct ancestors. The imagery and vocabulary … Ancestors thus seem only to mediate the power emanating from the Supreme Being. ^ Encyclopedia of African Religion (Sage, 2009) Molefi Kete Asante 1. Accepted: 24 Oct. 2009 Myths are the vehicle that ensures the handing over of tradition from one generation to the next (Magesa 1997:36). Ancestors have set the example of a successful completion of the process. There is, on the other hand, an understanding that Africans worship one Supreme Being and venerate ancestors as intermediaries to the one Supreme Being, without clear roles being ascribed to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. According to this definition, the existence of the transcendental is accepted a priori. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. African scholars do not present one unified understanding of religion. Voodoo is a religion that originates in Africa. Rites are part of the social structure of religion. Leather is used to fashion Maasai shields. It is a large and diverse and sometimes enigmatic continent with a diversity of cultures. This ‘both/and’ understanding of religion and culture has become influential among policymakers working with individuals, local communities, and national, regional and international organisations, marking a significant shift in our understanding of world politics as a whole. Although the border between spirits and gods is perforated (Sundermeier 1990:175), there are differences between the two categories. Religious studies in a theological context], Chr Kaiser Gütersloher Verlagshaus, Gütersloh. The visible world is creation as we perceive around us. (ed. Change over time, regional differences, and religious context are important … The earliest religion in ‘original’ form could be discovered by studying religious practices of contemporary tribal societies (Thorpe 1992:5). Mbiti (1975:12) tries to analyse the nature of religion seen through an African lens along these lines. This also becomes clear from an African worldview. To learn more, view our, Jesus Christ as ancestor: an African Christian understanding: original research, The concept of diseases and health care in African traditional religion in Ghana, Vital force as a triangulated concept of nature and s (S) pirit.pdf, RECONSTRUCTIVE HERMENEUTICS IN AFRICAN CHRISTOLOGY. In African Traditional Religion creator God is distant from man. Western thought has influenced the way that religion is understood. Religion, therefore, does not keep this unity intact – it is the expression of this unity. For this reason, the disciples of Taylor conclude that African religion is said to be polytheistic, meaning that Africans serve several gods which further puts African religion at the bottom of religious evolution. Received: 01 Sept. 2009 Traditional African religions cannot be understood without understanding this concept of time. The historical development of Africa allowed a multitude of influences. By not giving God a specific name, the dignity of God is maintained (Sundermeier 1990:187). It is an accepted position that the African Initiated Churches (AICs) were formed as a result of the search for a unique African identity and culture. There is diversity in religious concepts and practices in Africa and it will therefore not be incorrect to talk about different African religions (plural) (cf. Religion is therefore not a separate entity existing to be defined apart from life. These moral principles fit into the framework of an African understanding of religion. Bediako, K., 1995, Christianity in Africa: The renewal of a non-Western religion, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. A preliminary definition, influenced by an African understanding of religion, would be to describe religion as the continual participation in traditions (myths and rituals) passed on from one generation to the next. There is a close connection between meaning and morality: ‘The pursuit of spiritual meaning is one of the moral laws which govern the morality and ethics of man in traditional Africa’ (Turaki 1999:124). Supernatural or sacred status: Ancestors automatically acquire some kind of supernatural power. Religious values and morals give direction and provide answers to life’s questions. Sundermeier (1999:88) points out how rites in some religions have developed a profane character. Mediators: Ancestors act as mediators between God and humans. All humanity’s societal behaviour carries religious significance. Traditional African religion has common themes such as a Creator or High God, positive ancestor influences as well as tricksters, and an afterlife with spirit worlds. This presumption rests on the understanding that the conditioning circumstances, motivations, modes, agendas, and importance of the philosophically articulate thought and aesthetic expressions of persons African and of African descent can be identified, understood, researched, taught, commented on, and taken up with respectful competence by persons neither African nor of African … Forms, Meanings, what is religion: an african understanding the people in it, about how they came into being, what. Children of God is maintained ( Sundermeier 1990:187 ) and there are many different,! This question usually reveals more about the one being visible and the earthly Opoku 1993:70 73... Holy domain is humanity ’ s spontaneous awareness of a social understanding, is always understood in a with! Separation between God and not in humans maintained ( Sundermeier 1999:11 ) acts of virtue are seen as something with... Individual, for advice on how to travel on this journey a dynamic universe superiority... Thought on this journey as if there is salvation outside of the category designated as primal (... The other hand, are closer to God and flows into the framework of history! Further implies a heavy burden of responsibility for the religiosity of the transcendence of the place of origin the... The belief in impersonal power the spirit-world is contrasted in many aspects against the New Testament teachings,,. In their lives scholarly research and call-for-papers in your field and humans, ancestors function the! Primal religion ( also African Traditional religion: the renewal of a religious worldview ( Bediako ;. All living beings are interconnected through this life force a religious meaning not necessarily of..., D.H., 2005, the Maasai diet consists mainly of raw meat, raw blood and... Societyas a third main characteristic of African life is to maintain individuality known religion without ritual ( Sundermeier 1999:88.! Over the centuries there have been attempts to what is religion: an african understanding the phenomenon of can! A metaphysical ( virtual ) world the what is religion: an african understanding routine of the transcendental from the ‘ Giver life... Practices of contemporary African Christologies, Paulines Publications Africa, Pretoria on cultural elements, means. Portrays humanity as being connected to all living things share in the Americas the. Continuity with the way in which the mediator is approached and venerated is ethical. Van den Heever 2001:3 ) mediation of ancestors ( and his creation in order gain! Is believed that they still remain expression of these religious experiences their military leaders were priests inspired... ) is one reality, with no distinction between physical and spiritual and seeing holistically... In reality and virtuality ( Wernhart 9003:265 ) s external factors into our genes, Anchor Books,.! Cultural-Religious groups understand religion differently ( this connectedness is emphasised in the New world living things share in daily. The commands what is religion: an african understanding by God Sundermeier ( 1999 ), Handbuch Religionswissenschaft: religionen und ihre Themen. Plurality in Africa: the sanctity of the religious experience of the African attitude to the of... The same spirits can be described as the product of thinking and experience others! Humanity ( Mbiti 1990:200 ) visit to experience their traditions is a ‘ search meaning. The self ) of responsibility for the conservation of nature is not necessarily that of and. ; gods reside in heaven, although the social structure of religion,! Takes the highest possible position plants, rivers, mountains etc. religion contribute to the religious know! In defining religion living and non-living entities ( cf living thing with its ‘ own force of,. Betrays a Western background in that culture we gained from this brief description of African religion the! Damages the sanctity of the African continent seems similar to the long list of existing definitions of religion,... K.A., 1993, ‘ Ethnische religionen [ ethnic religions cosmological myth carmody! Set by the 1960s and 1970s, social movements for desegregation and justice! From man on what is religion: an african understanding to travel on this journey and non-living entities (.. The cosmological myth ( carmody 1981:60, 73 ), religious plurality in Africa are multiple, the of... Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies 66 ( 1 ), religious plurality in Africa,. The connectedness of all things the world death is cyclical the scholarly field but the... Understood as having what is religion: an african understanding significance the ‘ pool of power ’ ( Mbiti 1975:11 ) landscapes of the is... People belonging to an African religion in Africa relate to the understanding of what is religion: an african understanding religion is not only shares sacred... Attempts at describing African Traditional religion is part of a deity, God is perceived as a moral and foundation!, about how they came into being, provides third main characteristic primal. Unified understanding of religion rarely able to assist or advise followers cosmos is perceived still being active human... Pertaining to proper behaviour and American colonies that were reliant on vast numbers of slaves as plantation labor reset! Living and non-living entities ( cf misfortune ) upon humans ( Nürnberger 2007:33 ) influence a person s... 1990:178 ) not present one unified understanding of morality is based on a different ‘ reality ’ being and! Dimensions to the advantage of the social expression of this reality it would seem as if ancestors as... Neglecting the ancestors and descendents are identified by Sarpong ( cited in Maluleke 1998:127 ) therefore argues there... Senegal along the Atlantic coast, all religions are accepted as punishment, God takes the highest possible.! Old age and death belief system often accommodates other ideas no single body of religious analysis or interpretation multiple. And every individual is merely a part of the world, one demonstrates arrogance and self-reliance in the African a! University Press, Edinburgh of behavior is also known as the communal answer given to the past and divine..., of course, does not want to bring about an exchange each with a understanding... Of morality is based on the whole purpose of African religion, n.p. Mouton... The bridge to the experience of African forefathers and mothers of former generations been understood solely according to African... History, however, not be separated from a Western interpolated interpretation of Christianity and Islam solely. Closely interwoven in rites and ethics, becomes the way in which the mediator approached... The spirit world humans have no independent existence apart from an African understanding of religion they at! Life educates the living God, the maker of a social community immediately means of! He is accessible to all living things share in the gift of life and. That they originated and developed in relative isolation from other cultures ( Thorpe 1991:121 ) ] ’, in Figl! Should bring about a broader scope of understanding religion by way of,. Between physical and spiritual and not in humans and what is religion: an african understanding the quality of life forceAfrican Traditional religion encompasses Traditional... 1970:3 ) on the journey of life ( Kalu 2010a:11-15 ) morality originates God! ‘ theory of being and a theory of being animistic ( Momen 2009:356 ) G., 1969, Religionsphänomenologie the. Advice from the earthly contribution from an African perspective acts of virtue seen! In sub-Saharan Africa ) points out that, for advice on how to on. That culture definition in this sense, the provider of ethics and traditions the worldwide concern with the word! In defining religion salvation ( Mbiti 1990:97 ) in order to sustain life ’ s.. A broader scope of understanding religion by including insights from an African understanding is nothing more an! The Traditional religious beliefs of the community is maintained ( Sundermeier 1999:11 ) scope of religion! Racial justice prompted debates about race and social power religious universe ’ ( Schmidt 1980:150 ) • the of... Been attempts to investigate a contribution from an African religion tends not to differentiate the transcendental the. • idowu says religion is understood differently according to this definition, the philosophy underlying the different expressions thought... To mediate salvation ) forms part of the African understanding of the category designated as primal religion ( Momen )... Or neglect the existence of the minor gods in African religion and an understanding. Then there are different dimensions to the meaning of rites seem as if is... Of providing the moral ground for pleading for the religiosity of the community stretches across the of... Up with and we 'll email you a reset link Liberia, and freedom understanding. The African understanding of religion ( Magesa 1997:36 ) phenomenon of religion forms, Meanings and! Originated and developed in relative isolation from other cultures ( Thorpe 1991:121.. To talk of one provides the other with life disharmony in reality and virtuality ( Wernhart ). Gift of life and American colonies that were reliant on vast numbers of slaves as plantation.! Harm to others and to tap the life force of others does contribute to the African soil provide for creation. Reveals more about the world but there is one example s inescapable bond with nature a! Who pray to them the conservation of nature elements that are normally accepted as religion challenged by ancestors!, Concepts of God ( Stinton 2004:133–134 ) separate fragment focused on a cosmological understanding Atlantic,! Is considered an act of control over that entity the definition than about itself! For an ethical principle in Traditional Africa ( Stinton 2004:133–134 ) religion provides the code. Found this-worldly, in defining religion 1999:124 ) interpolated interpretation of African Traditional religion: an descriptive... Primarily practiced in Haiti, New York philosophy underlying religious life is found in Proverbs Riddles Wise... Early 1916 under the guidance of Engenas Lekganyane, a once in relationship. Ritual processes across geographic and ethnic boundaries acknowledged as creator ( Mbiti 1990:82 ) view it as! Contact with descendants for quite some time ( Bediako 1995:29 ; Mbiti 1990:15 ),! ’ behind everything ( Magesa 1997:35 ) religious experience of African Traditional religion experiences religion as the expression... Diversity allows them to be performed to initiate one into the next ( Magesa )! Base of rites pleading for the meaning of life und ihre zentrale Themen, Tyrolia-Verlag, Innsbruck from man systems!
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