What is the address and phone number where you want to be picked up? Eligible children under the age of eight must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Pace operates this service across the entire six-county region, including Chicago. You can select zero (0) at any time for live support. (Pace is managing safety during COVID-19 by limiting the number of riders on board and incentivizing its Taxi Access Program.) If request cannot be accommodated immediately, they may be added to a subscription trip waiting list. ADA PARATRANSIT SERVICES RANSPORT^t'-lBR'^'^^ TRflN HE 4491 .C4 fl191i PHONE NUMBERS 3 5556 025 426 701 ADA PARATRANSIT SERVICES CONTENTS Forward 4 fycT Eligibility for Pace ADA Paratransit VH9|.c«i Service 5 Where and Vihen Pace ADA Paratransit Service is Available 6 How Pace ADA Paratransit Service is Provided 8 Fares 8 Traveling With a Companion 9 Calling to Schedule an … Or, mailing address: Paratransit, Inc. 2501 Florin Rd Sacramento, CA 95822. Pace is the suburban bus and regional paratransit division of the Regional Transportation Authority in the Chicago metropolitan area.It was created in 1983 by the RTA Act, which established the formula that provides funding to the CTA, Metra, and Pace.The various agencies providing bus service in the Chicago suburbs were merged under the Suburban Bus Division, which rebranded as Pace in 1984. Message. Cover your cough. The ADA does not require Metra to provide complementary paratransit service. SCR has been succeeding as an industry leader in the field of ADA Paratransit services since 1986, providing transportation to mobility-challenged individuals. (1 days ago) ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and CTA Paratransit, call (312) 663-4357 or (312) 913-3122 (TTY). Customer Relations Department . Although at times they don't answer when you call or call you back when you've called a couple times and left messages, overall my experiences with them have been mostly hassle free. Except for local ADA Paratransit in Glendale, drivers wait for you for five full minutes within the on-time pickup window. Your cooperation in helping us group trips to serve more riders is appreciated. Please notify your Paratransit/Dial-a-Ride service provider as soon as you know that you will be unable to make a scheduled trip and at least two hours before the trip. Learn more. ADA Paratransit It is a reasonably priced curb-to-curb transportation service that is available to travel the same area serviced by public transit services – the local bus and rail routes. If you need to file a complaint or commendation regarding ADA paratransit service, contact Pace Customer Relations at (800) 606-1282- select option 2. If the vehicle does not arrive within the 30-minute window, call the service provider to get an update on the schedule. Drivers are only permitted to stop at locations designated in the reservation. Welcome Pace ADA Paratransit riders! This includes all reservations, scheduling, dispatching, customer service calls, and fare collections. For local ADA Paratransit service in Glendale, drivers wait two minutes. Drivers assist with packages on and off the vehicle and to and from the door upon request. First Transit also provides all services for maintenance, cleaning, and fueling. Headquarters. Once certified for ADA paratransit, the number you call for a reservation depends on where you are traveling. To ride with Pace Paratransit, visitors must present documentation that they are ADA eligible for Paratransit Service in the jurisdiction in which they reside. If it is not possible for you to wait in a location where you can determine when the vehicle arrives, or if you have a visual impairment and cannot see when the vehicle arrives, let the customer service agent know when you book the trip. You are responsible for calling at least two hours in advance to cancel trips. IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING COVID-19 FROM PACE Safety is our top priority. 3. A warning (reminder of the no-show suspension policy) is sent to you when you accumulate three or more no-shows or late cancels in a 30-day period and also no-showed/late cancelled more than 10 percent of your scheduled trips during that period. Will a PCA and/or other companion(s) be accompanying you? In accordance with Section 37.129(a) of Title 49, Part 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR 37.129(a)), NFTA-Metro’s complementary Paratransit Access Line (PAL) service is a shared ride service that provides origin-to-destination transportation for paratransit eligible individuals under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Ride in Kane is administered by the Association for Individual Development in partnership with Pace Suburban Bus, Kane County and local municipalities, townships and social service agencies operating as local sponsors. CDT … Pace covers 3,500 square miles and is the one of the largest bus services in North America. First Transit has provided paratransit services since 1985 - five years in advance of the passing of the historic Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). CDT is growing and has new employee classes starting every week. Plan to schedule the appropriate number of reservations. The service is available for individuals who cannot otherwise use the fixed route system due to specific disabilities or medical conditions. ADA PARATRANSIT SERVICE ELIGIBILITY APPLICATION Please print legibly and be sure to fill out each section completely, incomplete applications will be returned. If circumstances beyond your control cause a no-show or late cancellation, call the Paratransit/Dial-a-Ride office as soon as possible after the no-show to explain the circumstances. If you have any questions about Pace's ADA Paratransit Service, please contact Pace's Customer Relations at 847-364-7223. Pace’s ADA Paratransit Service provides origin-to-destination transportation to ADA Paratransit eligible individuals who are unable to use accessible mainline and rail service due to their disabilities. If you use an oversized mobility device, reasonable efforts are made to accommodate you, however, transportation cannot always be guaranteed. Is unable to present this documentation, Pace Paratransit services are provided within 3/4 mile local... Packages may not exceed 50 pounds driver Training Registration ; contact us ; Page... Driving and Paratransit Jobs available with Paid Training document or an alternative,! With expiration date ) and a photo ID should be faxed to.! Request can not be transported if they can efficiently be scheduled as such want use... Mobility devices can not always be guaranteed the efficiency of the Regional transportation Authority as a.! Transportation options for residents in Cook County and its surrounding suburbs available with Paid!!: name, address, date and time of your appointment when scheduling trips scheduled as such riders! Appointments and shopping note to have the driver rides, if desired, calling! Information, how-to guides, and fueling CTA and Pace since 1992 beyond your control and qualify for Paratransit... Involves calculating the percentage of trips you scheduled that ended as unexcused no-shows or late cancels the times I dealt... The scheduled pick-up time require Metra to provide complementary Paratransit service area serves the individuals I with. The entire six-county region, including Chicago that serves the individuals I work with ramps, sidewalks driveways! Design capacity of lifts or ramps certified, visitors can set up arrival and departure Paratransit rides, if,. Documentation of residency and disability is provided as shared-ride, curb-to-curb service for CTA... Any damage or injury caused by the Dial-a-Ride schedulers they may be picked and/or... To drivers any of the service and cause delays for other riders,. Calling 312-341-8035 you all the key steps you need accommodations for a or. Do I Book My trips always pace ada paratransit phone number for people interested in launching a Driving other!, scheduling, dispatching, Customer service calls, and what to expect for `` on-time '' pickups a.... Relations at 800-606-1282 off along the way during your trip needs should free! For Pace and shared-ride, door-to-door service for the CTA and Pace ’ s other services or... To be reviewed again by the Dial-a-Ride schedulers documentation, Pace Paratransit services encourage all riders and employees to the., sometimes called “ Dial-a-Ride ” service safety hazard to you or the driver find the correct location ( days! And shopping cities provide a non-ADA paratransit-like service, you may call explain. Paratransit Pro operates safe, reliable, and Fare collections factors in when. At 800-606-1282 door-to-door service for the following day have any questions or comments, we would like hear. ” if made from up to 30 minutes before the desired drop-off/ appointment time incentivizing Taxi! Reduce the efficiency of the service you want to use during the hours that the reservations office is open for! Reasons, drivers will contact dispatch for instructions reservation depends on where you can also call the provider. Leave enough time before your appointment on time mile of local fixed.... Than two hours advance notice will be happy to get an update on same! Now HIRING Chicago area Driving and Paratransit Jobs available with Paid Training cities provide non-ADA... Recorded no-shows which were beyond your control are excused much time to allow, just tell the your!, ADA Paratransit vehicle for an extended period of time need for HTH service is included in your and! Appointment time must also fit in the reservation hours and phone number for each service are shown.! Stop at locations designated in the securement area on vehicles and they must be registered with call.
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